About Luga Baruga

Having worked together for over twenty years servicing clients around the globe, the founding partners decided to create a brand to offer ‘agency services’ to the visual merchandising and shop fitting industry. Over time, our no-nonsense approach and commitment to delivering excellent products and services meant that we were increasingly being involved in the BIG picture stuff with our clients. As a result, our service offering began to broaden – and to help achieve this, we invested in talent who share our passion for creative and innovative excellence. 

We do not strive to be the biggest name in the industry – but we are trusted by our clients due to our integrity, transparency, friendliness, commitment to excellence and ethics combined with our attention to detail on all aspects of a project. We genuinely love what we do and the ‘extra mile’ isn’t extra to us. 

What do we do?

We help bring a brand to life and encourage consumers to engage in a real-life experience – considering a broad all-encompassing view of the entire customer journey (from brand building to conversion) – across every achievable and, importantly, viable touch point.

To achieve this we think and work holistically – every business or organisation has a single overarching goal; this goal is made up of a number of smaller goals; unachieved goals are ambitions; these ambitions are realised through campaigns; every campaign is, therefore, a micro-ambition that, cumulatively, contributes to delivering the overarching business goal!

Whilst our core business remains with visual merchandising and shop fitting, campaigns like these are delivered using integrated ‘above the line’ (ATL), ‘through the line’ (TTL) and ‘below the line’ (BTL) techniques – namely: 

  • Brand activation*
  • In-store marketing*
  • Digital marketing (inc. PR)
  • Print advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Direct mail marketing
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Sponsorship

* Including visual merchandising and shopfitting

This 360° approach, therefore, considers all techniques; is ‘always on’; helps create the long-term connections for consumers with brands.

How do we work?

Marketing is the second oldest industry in the world (think about it… someone had to brand, promote and encourage engagement for the oldest to succeed). 

As a result, we think marketing should be simple to understand and easy to deliver – no complicated language or buzzwords; no arduous or unnecessary consultation to get the job done – just a simple three stage process of:

  • Strategy: a phase of discovery, research and planning – getting to understand what needs to be done
  • Creativity: building the campaign assets – making everything we need to get the job done
  • Activation: managing the journey of engagement – building brand awareness, connection, conversion and advocacy


Let’s not forget… we are an ‘agency’ – and in the truest sense of the word. We don’t have everything under one roof (that’s not what an agency is – check the definition). But we do know the best people to work with on your project. Therefore, we only charge you for the work we do. We don’t charge you for something you’re not using or don’t need.

Why choose us?

We pick up the baton in the race to the tape when and where you need us. This can be helping create the strategic direction; managing the creative process; building or making the assets; managing the journey of engagement – all of these… Or just one or two. 

We are not precious or precocious. We play nicely with the other agencies. We have fun. And what we love most is doing a great job and working with nice clients!

Our Team

Nick Lovett

Creative Sales Director

Jason Vernon

Senior Project Manager

Bart Krasowski

3D Visualiser and CAD Technician

Vinnie White

2D Designer

Matt Robinson

Production and Prototyping