3D Lips

The Brief Replicate a construction of painted lips from a photoshoot for a magazine as a 3D prop for external use. How we achieved this Using our extended team of specialists, we approached a highly skilled group of sculptors who have worked on many projects with us in the past. After detailed discussions, the final… Continue reading 3D Lips

Train Station Walkway

The Brief To take ownership of a 12m long space which is the main walkway between a retail village and train station. Each side of the walkway is glazed, and the top has light-diffusing panels. The main constraint to be a de-mountable installation that can be adapted in multiple ways and comply with the high… Continue reading Train Station Walkway

Illuminated Birds

The Brief To provide a selection of illuminated birds in various sizes for external use throughout Europe as visual merchandise props and decorations for a Christmas campaign. The birds are required to have variable fixing options to suit different environments and substrates. They were also required to be series linkable to minimize the power requirements.… Continue reading Illuminated Birds