In 1972, the United Nations met in Sweden to rally the world to support environmental issues. Two years later, the first World Environment day (WED) was held on June 5 – a day set aside to encourage awareness and action to protect the natural environment. 

Drawing attention to environmental issues such as pollution (marine and air), deforestation, and wildlife crime, each year, WED has a new theme that can be adopted to advocate environmental causes. 

Since 1987, the idea for rotating the center of these activities through selecting different host countries. This year, the host country is Sweden once again. The theme is ‘Only One Earth’. Join people around the world and use events and actions to build your Earth Action Number. Share your impact with the world.

As a ‘group’,we are contributing by investing in new printing equipment using HP Latex water-based ink technology – meaning up to 65% of the ink formula is water. This technique also:

Visit the World Environment Day website to learn more about the day. Follow on social media with the hashtag, #WED, or #Worldenvironmentday to see what others are doing around the world to mark the day.

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