Train Station Walkway

The Brief

To take ownership of a 12m long space which is the main walkway between a retail village and train station. Each side of the walkway is glazed, and the top has light-diffusing panels. The main constraint to be a de-mountable installation that can be adapted in multiple ways and comply with the high H&S standards of the village. The walkway area is also prone to high winds so wind calculations to be submitted for each installation.

How we achieved this

The priority was to create a demountable system which could be easily, yet securely fixed, to the glass mullions. As these were unable to be directly fixed, we developed a clamp system which had a rubber grip on either side of the mullion – allowing it to be both weight bearing and very secure. We then made horizontal beams which securely locked onto the clamps.

This formed the basis of any wall construction method we wanted to consider subject to the design brief. On the majority of occasions, this had been done using composite panels with various surface applications and 3D props where appropriate.

We also sourced a full range of products that not only comply with the green credentials set out by our client but also comply with all health and safety specifications.

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