Alice Twist-Hulme is the newest member of team Luga.  Here we grab 5 minutes with her to learn more.   

Introduction & background

A little bit about yourself 😊 (professional and personal)

I have had a whirl wind of a career, I started out as everyone does in university working in hospitality and quickly moved into sales, then to recruitment and after two redundancies and a baby, I have found myself here at Luga Baruga working in a fantastic team. I have just had a little boy called Arthur and my first born, as I like to call him, is a Black Rescue cat called Winston. My entire house is filled with boys!


Describe yourself in 2 words – Dedicated and Easy-Going

Career highlight – Working in recruitment previously, it’s a very fast paced and target driven environment and I was able to surpass each KPI I had to an extraordinary standard, I surprised myself most days!

What will you bring to the team at Luga? Having worked in a similar industry in the past I’m looking forward to having my full circle moment, I have joined an incredibly talented team and there is a lot to live up too, but I’ll bring my tiny self into work each day and make sure that I’m able to not only make the teams lives a little easier but also make sure I bring a little smidge banter.

Which brand would you aspire to work with and why? I love Skate Street Fashion, I dress like a 13 Year Old Boy and so I would have to say either Rip’N’Dip, Route One or Vans.

Favourite place? I’ve recently been to Edinburgh and it was absolutely beautiful, the people are so friendly and cheery and you can’t beat a Scottish accent…

What you watching atm?  I love anything apocalyptic so I’ve just finished watching The Last Of Us, I also recently watched a series called Bodies and that was great too! If I’m not wanting anything that causes me to think I’ll pop some FRIENDS on in the background.

If you didn’t work in this industry what is plan b? I have a degree in photography and I love to go out and take pictures in my free time, Digital or Analogue… I also love gaming on my PC too, cosy games though like the Sims (Not that I have time anymore with a baby) So in an alternate universe getting into that industry would be very interesting.

Where do you see the industry being in 3 years?  I think in the next three years I would definitely think this industry will evolve into something we haven’t seen, there will be new technology and new ways of doing things! I think it’s important keeping the world green and I see companies becoming more and more eco conscious.

Weekends are spent?  On the sofa, glass of wine in hand and a good film! Either that or with my little one at his Nanny and Grandpa’s playing with Bob Dog the giant Labradoodle!

Favourite emoji?  The Moon Face for sure! He’s just cheeky. 🌚

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