Rewand Bouji-Smith is the newest member of team Luga.  Here we grab 5 minutes with her to learn more!!  

Intro & background

While working in the POS world for the past 16 years I’ve had awesome opportunities with some of the biggest brands, retailers and suppliers in the beauty world. I’ve loved it, considering it was a field I fell into by accident!  Anyone who has worked with me knows I like details. I love playing with materials, understanding how things work, the why behind designs and decisions, and learning a brand inside out, its’ identity and purpose. I’ll never try to sell something I don’t ‘get’.  I’m excited by the variety of projects we are working on at Luga and enjoying flexing my muscles in new categories, but I’ll never be far from the beauty category that I love.  When I’m not being a VM nerd I am mum to two boys… who said boys were easier?! Navigating how to raise happy and decent little people, whilst being on a learning journey around neurodiversity is the equal honour and challenge of my life.

Describe yourself in 2 words    

Tenacious and loyal.

Career highlight     

I can put my hand on my heart and say that delivering every project throughout my career so far has been rewarding, yes really, even despite the challenges of our industry!  However, launching Fenty Beauty into Boots in 2019, and the beauty brand whirlwind that followed, including growing our business unit by 2000% in 2 years, is way up there. I was super proud of the team around me at that time, and of everything we have all gone on to do since.  I also have a soft spot for Chanel at Christmas, I always loved working on those campaigns!

What will you bring to the team at Luga? 

Growth, colour, and humour 😉

Which brand would you aspire to work with and why?  

Lego. Their epic scale models blow my mind and I love their no limits to imagination ethos! I can get lost for hours in Rube Goldberg videos!   

Favourite place?

I can’t pick one… am I allowed a top 3?!  The mountains in Lebanon, New York, and the Californian countryside.

What you watching atm?  

Isn’t everyone watching 10 things at once?!  Shrinking, Working Mom’s, F is for Family, Wanderlust, Motherhood, Colin In Accounts, Greys, and I’m about to start Ted Lasso after strong recommendation from Nick 😊

If you didn’t work in this industry what is plan b?  

I’d be hand-making furniture from beautiful timber.

Where do you see the industry being in 3 years? 

The retail world and our industry has responded to essential changes for our environment, and building sustainability into every project has become the norm rather than a buzz word; conversations about DE&I are at the forefront too, whether that is around gender, race, colour, or all the above. I think we will now begin to see even more recognition of the broad spectrum of human ability and disability, both physical and neuro diverse needs becoming central to designs, like beauty product that can be selected (and guidance on application given) for the visually impaired, more shopping environments that are less overwhelming with sound, light and crowds, and beyond.

We’ll also see more and more physical experiences on the high street. It won’t be restricted to big brands with big spend, local high street and independent brands are recognising that shelf space and SKU’s need to be swapped out for moments that people want to see and talk about.

Weekends are spent?

Finding new places to entertain the kids that aren’t just soft plays! I love seeing live stand up and concerts, I’m hooked on gardening and growing my own food; and most people won’t know this about me, but I love playing Tennis.  To be honest I am happiest just opening my home up to friends and their families, and hanging out (I used to call this ‘entertaining’ until I was told it gave visions of me tap dancing with feathers in my hair…  future career pivot perhaps?)

Favourite emojis?    


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