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Keeping things simple

Marketing is the second oldest industry in the world (think about it… someone had to brand, promote and encourage engagement for the oldest to succeed). As a result, we think marketing should be simple to understand and easy to deliver – no complicated language or buzzwords; no arduous or unnecessary consultation to get the job done – just a simple three stage process of ‘strategy’, ‘creativity, and ‘activation’.


We begin every project thinking how this project fits into the BIG picture. Every business or organisation has a BIG goal; this goal is made up of a number of smaller goals; unachieved goals are ambitions; these ambitions are realised through campaigns; every campaign is, therefore, a micro-ambition that, cumulatively, helps deliver the BIG goal!


Campaigns like these are delivered using integrated ‘above the line’ (ATL), ‘through the line’ (TTL) and ‘below the line’ (BTL) techniques. This approach, therefore, considers all techniques; it is ‘always on’; helps create long-term connections for consumers with brands.


Managing the journey of engagement – building brand awareness, creating connection, conversion and advocacy – maximising the return on investment.

Importantly, what we learn informs strategy… and the cycle begins again!

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