Today is Global Garbage Man Day

The role of waste management is more than just collection. It protects and reduces the impact we have on our environment. 

Content: Whilst today is ‘Global Garbage Man Day, the role of waste management in our world goes far beyond just collection. It provides a variety of services and programs that are specifically designed to protect and reduce the impact we have on our environment. 

On June 17th, the world takes time to recognise the dedicated efforts of the men and women who keep our communities clean. Today’s observance also celebrates the great strides the industry and experts are taking to make a better world for all of us.

Across the group, and at Luga Baruga, we are mindful of the impact we have on our environment and endeavour to ensure we leave a positive legacy in all that we do.

The small ways in which you can help are:

  • Reflect and take part in your local recycling programs
  • Learn more about your community’s sanitation needs and find out how the system works
  • When you have unusually large amounts of waste to be picked up, meet the workers at the curb and give them a hand loading the items

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